About us

What started as a small business called “Comercial Vergueiro”, acquired by a young man with a very modest initial capital, became a company with a broad diversification of corporate activities. Today, our companies operate under the financial and administrative management of Assis International Holding (AIH), company with extensive knowledge and an extensive network of global relationships.

We work closely with our companies and partners through an integrated approach to offer flexible and tailored solutions. For us, the power of the partner means that we strive every day in the pursuit of shared success.

We believe that most of our success today is due to the unique culture of our company and values we live by: honesty; respect for our colleagues and other people we work with; team work; excellence, innovation, creativity, such as the courage to say ‘no’ when necessary; and sharing financial and credit results throughout the company.

Assis International Holding (AIH) was created to help and provide consultancy for the group companies, providing them with investments, consulting, information and fast and confidential assistance.