Corporate Governance

Assis Intertanional Holding (AIH) is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance in order to increase transparency and confidence in its subsidiaries, we create an Executive Committee, an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee and a Corporate Governance Committee.

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing the supervision of strategy, investment and financing policies of the Group. Executive Committee responsibilities include, among others, ensure the resolutions of the Board are properly implemented, to review the initial investment proposals of the Investment Team for later presentation to the Council and receive periodic progress reports from the Management.

Executive Committee responsibilities include:

• Ensure the Board resolutions are properly implemented;
• Review initial investments proposals of the Investment Team for further presentation to the Board;
• Receive periodic progress reports from the Management for further presentation to the Board;

The Executive Committee meets formally at least four times a year, or more often if necessary.

Audit Committee is responsible for management the supervision of accounting, risk management and supervision and internal and external Group audit matters.

The Audit Committee meets formally at least four times a years, including once a year with the external auditor.

The Remuneration Committee monitors and guides the members of the Board in establishing the remuneration of directors, and the overall remuneration policy of the Group and evaluates the Management performance.

The Remuneration Committee meets formally at least once a year.

The corporate governance committee is responsible for ensuring that Assis Intertaional Holding (AIH) is in compliance with best practices corporate governance standards. This Committee is focused on five areas:

1. Risk Assessment;
2. Transparency;
3. Board Responsibility;
4. Auditing - Accounting standards;
5. Protection of minority rights, especially the rights of joint ventures partners of Assis International Holding (AIH) in associated companies.

The Corporate Governance Committee meets formally at least twice a year.

Social Responsibility

Assis International Holding (AIH) has a rich corporate social responsibility history, that has grown and evolved to meet the complexities of today's business world and the challenges of a global society, we believe in the strong role of the private sector to develop and enrich communities, and our corporate commitment includes:

• Protect the environment;
• Invest in education;
• Act with integrity and adhere to the highest ethical standards;
• Promote diversity in the form of company work and in partnership with several suppliers;
• Ensure a healthy and safe work environment.

The commitment of Assis International Holding (AIH) with social responsibility is as strong today as when the company was founded. We are proud of our progress, but we can do a lot more.