We believe in the diversification of our business and revenue streams; the various sectors where we operate, allowed us to develop a balanced investment profile, one of the principles of our focus is to develop new businesses with the same status as the existing and established operations.

New businesses and development of new incomes

Assis International Holding (AIH) is constantly seeking for opportunities, whether to expand its already existing businesses, to initiate new ventures in strategically important sectors or to search for acquisition opportunities with real value proposals.

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Operational efficiency

Assis International Holding (AIH) is committed to proactively manage costs of its operations through constant assessments focused on operational efficiency. We are always focusing on improving our internal processes and continue to implement modern human resources management concepts, focused on recruiting, qualification and retention of our highly qualified employees.

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Quality of the service

Assis International Holding (AIH) believes that by providing the highest quality of services, it increases the bond of trust between the company and its customers.

Qualidade de Servicos

Assis International Holding (AIH) believes that the group companies deserve tailored solutions to meet specific needs. Our goal is to exceed expectations, by providing quality services and a long-term relationship.

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