Range Of Activity


Assis Higienização e Conservação

Founded in 1976, it began its activities exclusively focusing on residential segment. In 1989, it underwent a business process reengineering, changing its focus to industrial clients—thus obtaining expertise in their diverse market segments. Since then, it has stand out every year with its technological development, production processes, and an increasingly professionalized business management.

Operating area: Services
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With the aim of increasing its service and business portfolio, the AIH began, in 2005, the operations of Bandeirante IMPORT & EXPORT in Miami. Bandeirante provides transparent and fast operations of foreign trade, making available solutions of logistics, sales and strategy of insertion into new markets.

Operating area: Import and Export
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CVL Foods

Since its foundation in 2003, CVL Foods has an original idea: “Serving exclusive markets that require products suitable for specific customers.” Exclusive brands of products and specialized suppliers demand specialized channels to insert their products and service in new sectors. CVL has been this ideal link throughout the years, firstly in the air sector and, then, applying its acquired knowledge in cruise lines, thus becoming the largest supplier of this sector in Brazil.

Operating area: Food Service
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CVL Import & Export

CVL IMPORT & EXPORT works in the import and export area in the sector of food and drinks, making all negotiations for the insertion of national products in the foreign market and of imported products in the Brazilian market. By creating bridges between importers and potential clients, CVL Import & Export makes all the legal internal and external procedures in the export and import process.

Operating area: Import and Export
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